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About Us

Manga Productions is an affiliated company of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation. It focuses on producing animations and developing video games with creative and positive content targeting all different local and international groups of society.

Manga Productions seeks to launch several animation and video game projects to promote Saudi ideas and messages internationally through unique and professional productions.

Our Products


Manga Productions works on producing globally competitive creative animation movies and series.
Currently, the company is preparing the launch of 2D and 3D animation movies in partnership with world leading animation studios. The movies are expected to be displayed on international TV channels and cinema screens in the next few years.

Video Games

Manga Productions works on producing numerous globally and locally competitive video games for youth. The company endeavors to match the world’s latest technologies of motion sensors and virtual reality to produce games for all types of video games platforms.


Manga Productions aims to produce world-class comic books with local characters and unique stories to be available for Arab and international audiences.


Manga Productions competition for best 5 Arab talents to meet the chairman of Square Enix Company

To support young talents and local manga and animation production, Manga Productions will organize a business dinner for the best five Arab telnts with Mr. Yosuke Matsuda, the chairman of Square Enix Company, a world leading japanese video game company.