Air Date July 5, 2024

Manga Productions announces the launch of a new anime series under the name of “Grendizer U” with several Japanese global partners, including Dynamic Planning.

Grendizer U

Prepare yourself for an epic space adventure!

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A man who fell into the desert has no memory. He was picked up by Koji Kabuto and named Daisuke. While the days seem to be peaceful, an unidentified phenomenon appears in the skies above the world's major cities. It was Vega Star, a military force from a star system far away from Earth. Humanity is overrun by Vega, which is far superior to Earth's weapons. Mazinger Z soars above the pool of water, Earth's last hope faces an uphill battle against saucer beasts. In the midst of this desperate situation, a legendary hero appears out of dust. Riding on board is Daisuke, who turns out to be Duke Fleed, the prince who was forced to flee his home, planet Fleed...

Main Characters


Action - Adventure - Mecha


ProjectG Launch and Design Competition Announcement

Aug 25, 2022

Official Teaser

Aug 05, 2023

Official Trailer

Dec 10, 2023

2nd PV

April 30, 2024

3rd PV

June 7, 2024

Grendizer U Air Date

July 5, 2024
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