Manga Productions signed partnership for collaboration with CJ ENM company in distribution and licensing between Saudi Arabia and Korea

November 02, 2023
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Seoul-Korea: 2 November, 2023- Manga Productions announced a partnership with the leading entertainment company CJ ENM. The partnership aims to enhance cooperation between the two companies in distribution, licensing, content development, and exchange of expertise and training programs. It also includes opportunities for joint production and distribution of Saudi content by Manga Productions on Korean platforms.


Dr. Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions, commented on the partnership, saying “It would enable the two creative forces to merge and offer exceptional entertainment content to audiences worldwide. The partnership would be an essential opportunity to reach Korean audiences with rich Saudi content for the first time through CJ ENM and introduce Korean creative contents to Arab world.


Koo Chang-gun, CEO of CJ ENM, remarked “Through this partnership with Manga Productions, the leading content company of the Middle East, CJ ENM aims to accelerate its embark into the Middle Eastern market and spearhead the expansion of K-culture within the Middle East. By combining the expertise of both parties, we will produce content that appeals to a global audience and advance our cultural partnership with Saudi Arabia.”


CJ ENM is a leading entertainment company founded in Korea in 1995 engaged in a wide range of industry business areas, including media content, music, film and performing arts, providing its leading original content to various media platforms around the world. CJ ENM has created, produced and distributed globally-acclaimed content, including Oscar-winning film “Parasite,” and TV series such as “I Can See Your Voice” and more. CJ ENM has three major production and distribution studios: drama production powerhouse Studio Dragon, U.S.-based studio Fifth Season and K-OTT content production studio CJ ENM STUDIOS. CJ ENM also presents KCON, world’s No.1 K-Culture festival, and MAMA AWARDS, the world’s No.1 K-POP awards, in order to bring K-culture experiences to people all over the world.


On the other hand, Manga Productions, the Saudi company, is one of the leading companies in the Middle East in the field of creative content in the Arab world. They have produced “The Journey ” anime film, which is currently being shown on over 52 platforms worldwide in 6 languages. They also produced the anime series “Future Folktales,” which has garnered over 100 million views worldwide. Recently, Manga Productions has announced several international licensing and distribution agreements in the entertainment sector, such as “Grendizer U”, “Captain Tsubasa”, “UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves”, ” Smurfs Kart” and other works that have reshaped the Arab entertainment scene on a global scale.