Careers – Manga Productions
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Yes, we are hiring. Join our team!

At Manga productions, we strive to create a dynamic and motivating environment for each individual to evolve their passion to their dream job!

Recruitment process

  1. Application


    Hiring the right talent is one of our most important tasks. Manga’s vision is bold and there is nothing that will make a greater impact than hiring the best people we can find and attract. Prior to the personality test and phone screening, the HR Manager may require references, to move to the next round.

  2. Interview


    You are required to conduct 3 structured interviews, one with the HR manager, one with the department head. Some departments will require you to create a case study based on the department head’s requirement. After the first two rounds, you will have a final interview with the CEO.

  3. decision and feedback

    Decision & Feedback

    The current timeframe for the recruiting process takes 2-4 weeks. The HR manager will provide you with transparent feedback on the recruiting process whether you are accepted or have been rejected.