Manga Productions signs agreement with Nine66 to publish Future’s Folktales Hopper Quest game based on Saudi anime series

September 29, 2022
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – September 29, 2022 – Manga Productions, a subsidiary of Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk”, has signed a cooperation agreement with Nine66 to publish the new mobile game “Future’s Folktales Adventure.”


“Future’s Folktales Hopper Quest” is the first game to be published by Nine66, a subsidiary of the Savvy Games Group, which seeks to be a local and international leader in games and esports by making investments in the industry to develop its game library.

As part of its mission to drive growth for Saudi game developers, Nine66 will be responsible for publishing the game throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It will also support promoting the game throughout the region.



The development of the “Future’s Folktales Adventure” game has been led by Saudi talents. The mobile game is inspired by the Saudi anime series “Future’s Folktales” which was produced by Manga Productions in 2020 and is available on more than 35 global platforms with more than 100 million views worldwide. “Future’s Folktales Hopper Quest” game is a story driven arcade game packed with levels to beat, and various characters with unique abilities to unlock. It will be released later this year as a free to play mobile phone game, available for download on iOS and Android.



Commenting on the cooperation agreement, the CEO of Manga Productions, Dr. Essam Bukhary, said: ” Saudi Arabia has one of the most important and fastest growing game markets in the world. This makes us at Manga Productions, we’re continuously looking to develop games inspired by Arabian culture. Our collaboration with Nine66 to publish “Future’s Folktales Hopper Quest” will enable us to establish our position as the leading game developers in the Saudi market by producing creative content; that inspires the heroes of tomorrow.”


The CEO of Nine66, Ms. Kadri Harma, stated, “Our cooperation with Manga Productions underlines our commitment to investing in the gaming industry and promoting its growth in the Saudi market. We exist to support developers and start-ups as the engines of growth in our industry.  We will continue to empower young Saudi talents to contribute to the growth of the gaming industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally.”