Manga Productions Signs a Strategic Agreement with Dynamic Planning for Licensing “Grendizer” IP In the Middle East

November 17, 2022
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Tokyo, Japan – November 17, 2022: Saudi company Manga Productions announced a strategic partnership agreement with Dynamic Planning, which owns the rights to Grendizer. Manga Productions’ partnership will include licensing and activating “Grendizer” and using characters in entertainment cities, amusement parks, and events in the Middle East. Manga Productions has previously had successful partnerships Japanese entities in the fields of animation, video games, and talent development.


CEO of Manga Productions, Dr. Essam Bukhary, stated: “We are delighted to be partnering with Dynamic Planning on licensing “Grendizer,” and further activating the popular IP in the Middle East. Manga Productions has had successful co-production experiences with our Japanese partners, resulting in a high level of trust from them and recording multiple successes because of the joint collaboration; this partnership further positions Manga Productions to enhance the creative content industry in the field of business for Manga Productions as we have already achieved more than 300 million views on our co-productions and trained over 500 Saudi talents with our esteemed partners.”


Executive Producer at Dynamic Planning, Mr. Ichinao Nagai, commented: “We are confident that our partnership with Manga Productions will solidify our beloved IP “Grendizer” one of Mr. Go Nagai’s cherished creations, and will enhance various entertainment and interactive experiences in the Middle East that will please our audiences in the region. We are confident we will be able to increase the popularity of “Grendizer” with Manga Productions through this strategic partnership by activating different initiatives.”


In addition, it is essential to note that the popular Mecha anime series “Grendizer” first premiered on television on October 5, 1975 and lasted for 74 episodes. Since its debut in the 70s, it has been dubbed in several languages, gained substantial popularity in the Middle East, France, and Italy, and still has a significant following.


In turn, Marketing, Distribution, and Business Development Director at Manga Productions, Eng. Abdulaziz AlNaghmoosh, mentioned: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Dynamic Planning as it is evident that our capabilities in Saudi Arabia in the field of licensing, marketing, and industry development are further expanding on a worldwide scale.”