“Manga Productions” Launches “Grendizer U” in July and Saudi Arabia Appears in the New Series

April 30, 2024
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Riyadh, April 30, 2024: Manga Productions, a content leading company in Saudi Arabia, unveiled the second promotional video for the new anime series “Grendizer U,” which returns after 40 years from the original series. Many exciting details were revealed with the appearance of various regions of Saudi Arabia, France, and Italy. Additionally, new designs for characters and saucer beasts were revealed and a broadcast date has been announced, July 2024.


The second promotional video was launched in four languages: Arabic, French, Italian, and English on Manga Productions channel on YouTube under the name @MangaPrductions, and it is now available on the official international social media accounts of “Grendizer U” via @GrendizerAnime.


Dr. Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions, commented on this launch through his social media accounts, saying, “We at Manga Productions, in collaboration with our partners in Japan, are pleased to introduce the character of Grendizer to future generations in a new and exciting way through the distribution and marketing of this work to global audiences. We hope for “Grendizer U” in its new version to inspire the heroes of tomorrow worldwide.”


It is worth mentioning that in 2022, a strategic partnership was announced between Dynamic Planning and Manga Productions to license “Grendizer” and use it in products and characters for cities and entertainment events worldwide, except Japan. This partnership led to the unveiling of the statue of the character “Grendizer” in the capital Riyadh, which was recorded in the Guinness World Records as the largest metal statue of a fictional character in the world, standing at over 33 meters tall. The first teaser for the series was launched at the AkibaDaisuki Festival in Tokyo in August 2023, and the first promotional video was released in December of the same year. Last year, Manga Productions also released the game “UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves” in the Middle East and North Africa, in cooperation with the French company Microids.


According to the official English trailer on Manga Productions’ YouTube channel, the new series is based on Go Nagai’s “UFO Robo Grendizer”. The second promotional video features the staff of “Grendizer U”, and overseen by General Director Mitsuo Fukuda, features Series Composition and Screenplay by Ichiro Okouchi, with Script by Tatsuhito Higuchi. Character Design is handled by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, while Mari Araki is responsible for Sub-character Design. Mechanical Design is crafted by Wataru Inata, AF_KURO, and Junichi Akutsu (Astrays), with Design Works by Pinakes, Tomoyuki Aoki, Zenseava, and Masato Yoshinaga. The Main Animators include Hiroyuki Taiga, Takashi Hashimoto, Masahiro Yamane, and Toru Yoshida. Art Direction is managed by Hiroshi Kato and Hirofumi Sakagami (Totonyan), while Tomoe Yoshimura handles color design and Atsushi Usuta (Nexus) manages Cinematography. Yukio Nagasaki serves as Sound Director, with Sound Effects by Toshiya Wada and Maki Takuma (Swara Pro). The music is composed by Kohei Tanaka, and the Music Production is handled by PONY CANYON and Animation Production is done by GAINA.



The official Synopsis for the second promotional video:

A man who fell into the desert has no memory. He was picked up by Koji Kabuto and named Daisuke. Koji, who has two faces, one of a wealthy man and the other of a righteous man, has come to trust Daisuke, who is somewhat shady but has extraordinary talents. While the days seem to be peaceful, an unidentified phenomenon appears in the skies above the world’s major cities. It was the Vega Star Alliance, a military force from a star system far away from Earth. Humanity is overrun by Vega, which is far superior to Earth’s weapons. Mazinger Z soars above the pool of water, Earth’s last hope faces an uphill battle against saucer beasts. In the midst of this desperate situation, a legendary hero appears out of dust. Riding on board is Daisuke, who turns out to be Duke Fleed, the prince who was forced to flee his home, planet Fleed…