GRENDIZER GO! Manga Productions announces a new Project with Japanese partners

August 25, 2022
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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – August 25, 2022: Manga Productions announced the launch of a new project for Grendizer under the name of PROJECT G, with several Japanese global partners, including Dynamic Planning, which owns the rights to Grendizer. The popular character “Grendizer” was showcased on Riyadh Boulevard screens during the gamers’ season and attracted the audience’s and visitors’ amazement.


Coinciding with the event, Manga Productions announced that regional and international talents would have the opportunity to contribute to this partnership by launching a global competition. The competition will give participants to design the hostile UFO vehicles known as “Saucer Beasts” to use in the upcoming project, making it a unique experience at the level of Japanese production. In addition to providing a chance to win a cash prize for the first three winners. Further details about the competition will be available on @NextGrendizer on social media platforms.


World-renowned Mangaka and the creator of “Grendizer” invite the audience to participate. Mr. Go Nagai said: “I am pleased to bring back the Grendizer. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Furthermore, I am delighted to announce this partnership with Manga Productions, where the best Japanese experts and fans will gather to create something great; stay tuned.”


CEO of Manga Productions, Dr. Essam Bukhary, stated: “We are pleased to announce today this unprecedented partnership with Japan on “Grendizer,” which inspired generations for more than 40 years from regional and international audiences. Manga Productions has successful co-production experiences, culminating in the trust of external parties and recorded multiple successes, and welcomed by the Arab and international audience. This business partnership in the new “Grendizer” project is a qualitative leap in the field of business for Manga Productions. Through the competition we presented, we will make sure to allow talented Arab and international audiences to participate in this project”.

It is worth noting that the Mecha series “Grendizer” launched on October 5, 1975, lasted for 74 episodes, and gained most of the fan base in France, Italy, and the Middle East; and still has a significant following till this day.